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The best way to contact anyone is via email and you can do so by clicking on the appropriate email address below, by copying the address into the email system of your choice or by filling in the form below, which sends an email to the Rector and the web administrator.

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Duty Name Email Address Phone Number
Priest in Charge: Rev Tembu N. Rongong rector@trinityelgin.org 01343 547505
Assistant Priest Rev Jenny Sclater Jenny@trinityelgin.org 07950 830017
Protection of Vulnerable Groups Carleen Broad PVG@trinityelgin.org
Mothers Union Catherine Green MU@trinityelgin.org
Prayer Group Canon Ruth Tait prayers@trinityelgin.org
Fairtrade Stall Judith McIntyre fairtradestall@trinityelgin.org
Young Peoples Church
Superstars Carleen Broad Superstars@trinityelgin.org
Church Administration
Secretary to Vestry Jacquelyn Mobbs Secretary@trinityelgin.org
Treasurer Lynne Burgess Treasurer@trinityelgin.org
gift Aid Kate GiftAid@trinityelgin.org
Hall Bookings John Taylor hallbooking@trinityelgin.org
Hall Acces & Admin halladmin@trinityelgin.org
Editor of the Pew Leaflet Kate or John PewLeaflet@trinityelgin.org 07768 442276
Web Administrator John Black webmaster@trinityelgin.org 07768 442276

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